Bumbershoot – The Plays of Jeffrey James Ircink

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artist statement


As an actor, my approach to roles has been what would I do if I were this character in this situation? Similarly, as a playwright, dialogue – not so much what is said but how it’s said – and subject matter are the elements I’m most concerned with. I tend to place myself in circumstances few people contemplate, and then develop a plot around those circumstances. I love extremes – a tap on the shoulder isn’t nearly as effective as a punch in the gut. That being said, when I write about the last smoker on the planet or four people from WHEEDs (We Help to Eradicate Ecosystem Demise) who live in a 500 square foot home or one man’s attempt to rid the world of the most evilest boy on the planet, I’m not going out of my way to be different as much as I’m trying to bridge the gap between my tastes and that of the audience. In the end, if the “unreal reality” I’ve helped to create on stage affects one person’s “reality” – I’ve accomplished my mission.


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