Bumbershoot – The Plays of Jeffrey James Ircink

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To Whom It May Concern:

…As Artistic Director of Urban Theater Project of Iowa, my company has been incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to do readings of two of Mr. Ircink’s plays, The Golgatha Crux and Stan’s Addiction. Both readings have garnered sincere and vociferous praise for the playwright and, perhaps more importantly, hours of discussion afterward…

…What is exceptional about Mr. Ircink’s work…is that he writes thoughtfully and clearly for live performance. I think, because he is a fine actor as well as a talented playwright, he is aware that his writing is to be spoken and that it is imperative that it makes sense in the scheme of live theater…his uncanny knack for writing intelligent dialogue makes his plays some of the worthiest of production I’ve read in the past several years.

Beyond his scripts, Mr. Ircink is someone with whom I would collaborate any time I had the chance…he earnestly listens to feedback and considers it thoughtfully as he redrafts his plays…He only ever wants to write the best play he can, and that is a rare and admirable goal.

The bottom line is this: I believe that Jeffrey James Ircink is one of our most gifted playwrights working today. Any company that involves itself with his material and with his artistry will be treated to an experience that will only foster some of the best theater happening right now.

Most Sincerely,
Leslie Charipar
Artistic Director
Urban Theater Project of Iowa & Theatre Cedar Rapids


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